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If anyone has any questions I will be more than happy to answer them.If you are a conscientious consumer you should read it and then give serious consideration to doing business with a company that has those kinds of moral, character and integrity.I should say, the lack of.

As far as the principles employed by Athlean X and the Athlean X TNT videos you can spend MUCH less money by buying any one of the books at can I enlarge my chest and can make the shoulders look upward.It is my opinion that you will be wasting your money by buying the Athlean X system or their TNT videos when compared to the X-rep books and the Burn the fat, feed the muscle diet book.I took his challenge and yes, he did not even have the decency to answer my question about what book, person or website he got his logic from.So kindly direct me to the other so-called negative and bitter posts I made on facebook.Losing weight and losing body fat are two totally different things.This is my awful personal experience with dealing with Athlean X.

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Afterwards I felt like I had had a much more trying workout than any of the Athlean-x.McC. on 10th, S. on 13th, Van W. on 18th and then J. L. on the 18th also.

Him not answering me after being such a jerk pissed me off, but I blew it off.No chest workout is complete unless it follows the training principles shown in this video.Answers to Questions about workouts and exercises in the ATHLEAN-X training programs. LEARN MORE.This is a Chest and Triceps workout to help build and define both areas.You got enough on your plate without having to worry about tender hearted grown men complaining about the big meanie saying they are wrong.I encourage you to CAREFULLY consider whether or not you want to do business with a company such as this one.

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To date, no one has asked for any book names, links, research or websites.AthLEAN-X by Jeff Cavaliere is one of the most popular fitness programs today.

Neither are smoking, drugs, gorging on junk food or picking your nose and eating it.Yes, other people DID in fact attack me by calling me out, issuing a challenge in bold capital letters and then continue to taunt me while not directly answering me.Mr. Cavaliere is a business man with a quality product he is selling and making available to the public.You are viewing this page because no homepage (index.html) has been uploaded to this location.

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When someone asks me to back up any information or advice I give them then I will gladly do so.Also know that I was threatened and intimidated when I told Athlean X that I would post about my experience online every chance I got.

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They also try to use this article against me in forming their outlandish version of the truth.Then at the end, I informed them I would give my opinion and write about my real life experiences about dealing with them and tell anyone who would listen, I was threatened with legal action.Apparently most members are happy being taught by morons, so I leave them to it now.I think it was total bullshit that you guys put a muzzle on me in regards to J. V.

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Jake is a liar, blind nor can he read or comprehends what he reads, obviously.

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